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Most brands are pre-order plus balance payment sales.This is a way to estimate the quantity of production, to control costs, and to give consumers a reasonable price.Generally,through the pre-sale purchase price is low than spot price about $8 to 18.When the pre-order is open, a part of the deposit will be charged. The production cycle of the wares may be 2-3 months or longer. Half a month or one month before the wares are ready, balance payment will be notified to be paid. In order to be more convenient, all the products on our website adopt the method of full payment pre-order, that is, consumers pay off the amount of this product in a lump sum, as long as the goods are ready, we will directly deliver the goods. If you have paid off the full payment, midway do not want to buy, this time the manufacturer will not return the deposit!!! We will only refund you the amount of balance payment. So think carefully before you buy a pre-order product!

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